Current Work in Progress
The Competitive Commission is drafting a new approach to lane allocation. In addition progression systems are being reviewed, regatta schedules analysed and a specific position regarding Agenda 2020 being prepared. 

The FISA Competitive Rowing Commission is responsible for the following areas:

  • To increase participation in all types of competitive rowing like Olympic, Paralympic, indoor and coastal.
  • To raise standards in competitive rowing.
  • To  provide  advice  to  the  Council  on  all  matters  related  to competitive rowing, especially at FISA events.
  • Seeding during events  
  • Fairness

These translate into the following objectives: 

2.1. Coaching; To undertake the following activities in the coaching field:

2.1.1.  To advise on coach identification and recruitment. 
2.1.2.  To liaise with coaches.
2.1.3.  To advise on coach education.
2.1.4.  To assist in the implementation of the Coaching Development Programme in conjunction with the Development Commission.
2.1.5.  To stage the annual FISA Coaches Conference.
2.1.6.  To assist in specific coaching courses and seminars.
2.1.7.  To assist in the production of coach education material.
2.1.8.  To implement a coaches’ communication network.

2.2. Competition; to undertake the following activities in relation to competition:

2.2.1.   Regulation of international rowing competition in terms of (i) composition (events, boat classes, categories),  (ii) conditions, (iii) environment, (iv) international regatta programme. 
2.2.2.  Promotion and development of competitions.
2.2.3.  Analysis and review of competition from the point of view of changes eg in competitive standards, social  and financial environment, global mobility, participation levels.
2.2.4.  Development of alternative and of complementary types of competition.
2.2.5.  Undertaking the tasks delegated to it by the Council or the Rules in relation to FISA Events, such as  seeding.