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Coaching Education

In close collaboration with experts and stakeholders, the World Rowing Development Team has assembled the following resources to guide coach education for World Rowing. World Rowing recognises the high quality of existing national coach education programmes and thanks them for their continued collaboration. This programme has been created for nations or individuals who do not have existing national coach education programmes.

The CDP, in order to have larger global participation, will be available for completion in several languages. Currently, sections of the CDP are available in English, French, and Spanish.

More documents will be posted and available in January 2021.

World Rowing Coach Development Programme Overview November 2020

World Rowing is compiling and developing materials for level 1 and other modules. World Rowing's member federations have many coach education resources readily available. In addition, seminars and conferences add to the overall knowledge of coaching in rowing.

Please find a basic training programme for clubs below: 

World Rowing FISA Training Programme


Level 1 Learn To Row 

This Learn To Row Book covers the basics of rowing and is aimed for teaching beginners.

Learn to Row Handbook - v2

Apprendre à Ramer FRE

Level 1 Coastal Rowing

The Learn to Row - Coastal Rowing book covers an introduction to coastal rowing for everyone.

Learn to Row - Coastal Rowing

Level 1 Para-rowing

1. Short History Para-rowing

2. Introduction to Classification

3. People First language

4. Access and Inclusive Rowing

5. Establishing a Para-Rowing Programme

6. Para-Rowing Capsize and Recovery drill and Safety Considerations

6. Capsize Drill and Recovery tutor notes

7. Para-Rowing Equipment and Regulations

8. Para-Rowing Rigging

9. and 10. Para-rowing Coaching Considerations

9. Para-Rowing Physical Disability

10. Para-Rowing Visual Impairment


In addition, FISA recommends these guidelines on safety:

FISA’s Minimum Guidelines for the Safe Practice of Rowing

Level 4: Table of contents

Level 4: Chapter 1: Current trends

Level 4: Chapter 2: Advanced Rowing Technique

Level 4: Chapter 3: Biomechanics of Rowing

Level 4: Chapter 4: Advanced Physiology

Level 4: Chapter 5: Women's issues

Level 4: Chapter 6: Training Theory and Planning

Level 4: Chapter 7: Overtraining and Regeneration

Level 4: Chapter 8: Peaking and Race Preparation

Level 4: Chapter 9: Monitoring and Performance Assessment

Level 4: Chapter 10: Nutrition for Rowing

Level 4: Chapter 11: Mental Training and Psychology

Level 4: Chapter 12: Management and Coaching

Event Information

7-8 February World Rowing Indoor Championships, Paris
10-12 April World Rowing Cup I, Sabaudia
1-3 May World Rowing Cup II, Varese
22-24 May World Rowing Cup III, Lucerne
30-31 May European Rowing Junior Championships, Belgrade
5-7 June  European Rowing Championships, Poznan
24-31 July  Olympic Games Rowing Regatta, Tokyo
16-23 August World Rowing Championships/junior/under-23, Bled
28-31 August  Paralympic Rowing Regatta, Tokyo
5-6 September European Rowing Under 23 Regatta, Duisburg
2-6 September  World Rowing Masters Regatta, Linz-Ottensheim
2-4 October  World Rowing Coastal Championships, Oeiras-Lisbon

Check the pages of each event to stay updated on schedules, entries, weather etc. 

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FISA annually organises the Coaches Conference and the Youth Coaches Conference.

2019 World Rowing Coaches Conference - 20-22 November 2019, London, Great Britain
Please find the event page here.

In 2018, the Coaches Conference was organised in Berlin, Germany.
The presentations from the event can be found here

2019 World Rowing Youth Coaches Conference - 6-10 November 2019, Hangzhou, China
Please find the event page here.

To view content and materials from previous conferences click here.


Coaching Courses

FISA Coach Education Courses can be organised by national federations who do not have existing coach education programmes or via the National Olympic Committees with Olympic Solidarity.

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Competitive Commission

The FISA Competitive Rowing Commission is responsible for the following areas:

  • To increase participation in all types of competitive rowing.
  • To raise standards in competitive rowing.
  • To  provide  advice  to  the  Council  on  all  matters  related  to competitive rowing.
  • Seeding during events
  • Fairness

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Coaching Videos