About the Development Programme

The FISA Statutes state that one of the governing principles of the organization is:

‘Development of rowing in all its forms’

FISA promotes and develops the sport. It establishes development programmes, organises training courses, and develops public relations and media opportunities. Thereby, FISA works to attract new rowers and members, improve the level, quality and appeal of its competitions, and ensure a leading position for rowing in world sport, in multi-sport events and, particularly, in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Coaching Courses

FISA Coach Education Courses can be organized by national federations who do not have existing coach education programmes or via the National Olympic Committees to Olympic Solidarity. Please contact the Development Manager for more information, sheila.stephens@fisa.org.

The FISA Development Programme and the FISA Competitive Commission work in cooperation with the following nations who have established coaching education systems:

Great Britain
United States

Additionally, FISA is collaborating with the International Council for Coach Education on an internationally recognized certification programme. For more information, see http://www.icce.ws/
Coach Conferences are organized through the FISA Competitive Commission every year, for information on this year’s conference, click here. To view content and materials from previous conferences click here.

Olympic Solidarity

‘Olympic Solidarity’s aim is to organise assistance for all the National Olympic Committees (NOCs), particularly those with the greatest needs, so that they can develop their own structures to favour the expansion of sport in their country.

Three ways to support the NOCs
To help NOCs to fulfil these objectives, Olympic Solidarity offers an efficient consulting service to assist them in gaining access to financial, technical and administrative assistance through:

World programmes, which cover and reinforce all areas of sports development;
Continental programmes, designed to meet some of the specific needs of each continent,
Olympic Games subsidies, which complement the range of programmes and offer financial support to NOCs before, during and after the Games.’

Taken from the IOC Home Page for the Olympic Solidarity Commission.
FISA as do all International Federations works very closely with Olympic Solidarity to provide programmes to national federations when requested. All activity requests must be directed via the National Olympic Committee of the interested national federation. More information

Event Support

The FISA Development Programme offers event support to interested national federation each year that includes low cost or free accommodation through the host organizing committee and equipment support through our partner equipment suppliers. A Development Bulletin is sent out at the beginning of each year to the national federations. For more information, please contact your national federation (link to 12.4)



The FISA Development Programme distributes equipment in close cooperation with our equipment supplier partners. National Federations who are classified as ‘development nations’ can contact the FISA Development Programme to request more details.

General Overview

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