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Belarus BLR


  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    20 Mar 2001
  • Place of residence
    SHKLOV , Belarus

Recent results

2020 European Rowing Championships - Poznan, POL

Class Race Final Time
M2x BLR FB Final 5 06:41.860
M2x BLR SA/B 1 Semifinal 6 06:39.200
M2x BLR R1 Repechage 3 06:21.680
M2x BLR H2 Heat 4 06:37.160

2019 World Rowing Junior Championships - Tokyo, JPN

Class Race Final Time
JM1x BLR FA Final 1 07:15.980
JM1x BLR SA/B 2 Semifinal 1 06:56.650
JM1x BLR H4 Heat 1 07:01.870

Ivan Brynza (BLR)

Rising Star – January 2020

Eighteen-year-old Belarusian Ivan Brynza has had the best rowing year of his life – becoming the World Rowing Junior Champion in the men’s single sculls. Rowing may be lucky to have him though because he only took up the sport after he couldn’t get into the local swim school.

The heats at the World Rowing Junior Championships were.... quite hard for me. I was worried and was looking around me and getting distracted by my rivals. Before the semifinal, I was told my main mistake was “that I’m distracted by rivals”.  But, by the time the semi came around I was aware of their strong and weak sides so I could pull myself together and control the race for a good finish. In the final, it was not a very good start but, stroke by stroke, I started to overtake my rivals, trying not to think how far they were.  I have known the Italian rower since the 2018 World Rowing Junior Championships so could predict he would tire at the 1500m mark where I started go faster to make a clear distance from the other rowers so that no one would catch me up.

After I had won gold... it’s an understatement to say I was overwhelmed with the joy of victory. I was filled with positive emotions - and adrenalin gave me some strength. When I went to the medal ceremony I didn’t feel so well and realised that if I continued to stand I would just fall - so I decided to sit down.

The move to under-23 will be... interesting because in order to become better you need to learn from those who are more experienced and at a higher level than you. I’m not planning to do anything differently – unless I need to change my training to adapt to new rivals.    

I started rowing at... age 11 because I was interested in trying a new sport.  Before that I had swum from the age of six. Then I moved with my mother to another city, where we were going to swim again but there were no places in the swimming sport school so I stopped. But, I think swimming has had a positive impact on my physical development.  

In 2020, my crewmate and I are planning to... qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games in the men’s double sculls – or at least try to. But my favourite boat class will always be the single and I will do my best to achieve good results in a single. 

I think, my favourite moment in rowing happened in... 2019 when I won the World Rowing Junior Championships, because as I was told that for 26 years no Belarusian man had finished first in this competition. I was very happy to finally do that.

I consider that the most difficult moment in rowing is... when you are at the start and waiting for a start command - when you are worried and bad thoughts don’t let you focus.  If you can’t remove them they will interfere with the race. I can say I learned to pay no attention to bad thoughts and to follow my race plan because otherwise you slow down, lose your breath, your tempo, and everything just starts to collapse. As a result you drive worse than you really could.

For race day food I try to... avoid flour and dairy meals, but eat meat and fruit and drink juice, water and tea or sometimes (but rarely) coffee.

My favourite foods are... meat (especially beef) and fruits.  I usually eat cottage cheese, salads, different buns, but I especially like sweets and fruits.

When I’m not rowing I... try to have some rest.  Sometimes I watch my race and evaluate my rowing technique to see whether there are any changes for the better or worse. As a rule, two weeks before important races my technique becomes the focus for my coach and me. 

To relax I... spend time with my friends, watch movies, play computer games (I like strategies), go to the cinema, just walk, often  listen to music and communicate on social networks.