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Great Britain GBR

Coach, Official

  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    5 Apr 1959
  • Place of residence
    Henley on Thames , Great Britain

Recent results

2009 World Rowing Cup I - Banyoles, ESP

Class Race Final Time
LM2x GBR FA Final 4 07:05.980
LM2x GBR SA/B 1 Semifinal 2 06:31.440
LM2x GBR H2 Heat 2 06:28.420

1994 Nations Cup - Paris, FRA

Class Race Final Time
BM8+ GER FA Final 1 05:52.620

Quotes from Athletes

21 May 2014 Rob Williams
The crowd are fantastic. That last 200 metres would have been a lot harder if they hadn't been there.
21 May 2014 Rob Williams
I'm only really thinking about ourselves. The Aussies are a fantastic team but if we can get our boat to go as fast as possible, that will do the work for us - rowing is a non-contact sport. We just row the boat as quickly as we can. The crowd were ludicrous. I've never felt anything like it. The British public supporting us makes us go quicker.

Photos & Videos

Day 5, Final Races and Closing Ceremony, 2019 World Rowing Masters Regatta, Lake Velence, Hungary
Day 3 (1), 2019 World Urban Games, Budapest, Hungary
Day 5, Morning Racing, 2019 World Rowing Masters Regatta, Lake Velence, Hungary