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Czech Republic CZE


  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    10 Feb 2001
  • Place of residence
    Kamenice, Nova Hospoda , Czech Republic

Recent results

2019 World Rowing Junior Championships - Tokyo, JPN

Class Race Final Time
JW2- CZE FA Final 1 07:42.980
JW2- CZE H1 Heat 1 07:19.280

2018 Youth Olympic Games - Buenos Aires, ARG

Class Race Final Time
JW2- CZE FA Final 2 01:40.090
JW2- CZE SA/B 1 Semifinal 1 01:40.620
JW2- CZE H3 Heat 1 01:47.620
JW2- CZE H2 Heat 1 01:45.560
JW2- CZE TT Seeding 7 03:47.560

Anna Santruckova (CZE)

Rising StarJune 2020

Nineteen-year-old Anna Santruckova is the reigning junior world champion in the women's pair. The Czech rower has had to put her dream of trialling for the Olympics on hold but says she enjoys rowing no matter what. She tells us where it all began - and what is still to come.

My plan for 2020 was... to compete in the pair with my partner from last year’s pair and also one of my best friends, Eliska Podrazilova. We wanted to push our limits in the senior category and to see how far we could get. To get a spot in the pair for the Olympic Games was our biggest dream. Because of COVID-19, we both missed out on our ambition to try to be selected for the Czech Rowing team but my hunger for training is still with me. I really enjoy rowing because it’s one of my biggest joys and I will see how it goes in the future. Now I'm crazy about club races and I hope to get in a team which will be selected for the European Championships. Unfortunately my pair partner is sick for now, so we will see what will be next.

I train in a... small rowing club in Prague (SK HAMR - veslovani z.s.). It is a very young club, but very successful. We have a group of really determined athletes and we are all good friends. My training was not affected by Covid-19. My coach (Lubos Ondracek) prepared a plan and lent me one of the rowing machines, so I trained at home for a few weeks and then we switched back to the water.

I started rowing... on a summer rowing camp in 2014. I can still remember very well how nervous I was when I tried to get on the water for my first time.

I keep rowing because... it’s one of the main connections with my friends. Also I love the balance between team and individual sport - rowing is both. I feel much more self-confident on water than on dry land.

The sports I did before rowing were... oh boy - more than I can count! I did swimming for ten years. It gave me so much - mainly conditioning. I also tried gymnastics, orienteering and majorettes.

My most memorable race is... very hard to choose. But the most crazy race was during the Munich junior regatta. I was sitting in two-seat in the quadruples sculls. Giant waves were everywhere! After the start we were in first place, but during the race we caught a few crabs and we had to stop a few times. The Swiss crew passed us, but near the finish we chased them and got them again and in the end we won the race! I was shocked when I realised afterwards, that our bow sculler had rowed with one squared blade from the 1000m mark because she bent the axis with the oarlock.

My favourite food to eat of race day is... bananas.

My favourite foods to eat any other time are... ice cream and lasagna.

The best rowing advice I've ever had is... from my coach, Lubos Ondracek. He is amazing - he almost never raises his voice at me and he knows exactly what I need to hear before the race. He once told me that I shouldn't be afraid of the race, if I fell into the water, then he would jump into the water for me. From the start I have to be as predatory as a killer whale and as fast as a snake.

My rowing dream is... to become a successful master rower. I want to race even at 50 years.

When I am not rowing I... go to school, I spend my free time with family and friends.

For fun I... really love card and board games. We play something at home practically every Saturday. I also like to go on trips and it doesn't matter if it's by car, by bike or on cross-country skis.