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Czech Republic CZE


  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    26 Sep 2000
  • Height
    176 cm
  • Weight
    66 kg
  • Place of residence
    Praha , Czech Republic

Recent results

2019 World Rowing Under 23 Championships - Sarasota-Bradenton, USA

Class Race Final Time
BW4x CZE FB Final 2 06:40.750
BW4x CZE R1 Repechage 3 06:40.930
BW4x CZE H2 Heat 4 06:41.820

2018 World Rowing Junior Championships - Racice, CZE

Class Race Final Time
JW4x CZE FA Final 4 06:28.690
JW4x CZE SA/B 1 Semifinal 1 06:26.740
JW4x CZE H1 Heat 1 06:39.770

Josefina Laznickova (CZE)

Rising Star – May 2018

At just 17 years old Josefina Laznickova is already a two-time junior World Rowing Champion, as seven-seat in the Czech junior women’s eight.  Before that Laznickova was much closer to the water – she was a synchronised swimmer - but says she’s never looked back since picking up an oar.  Laznickova tells us about her goals this year and how she can never eat her favourite food on race day.

I'm from… Prague and I row on Vltava in ČVK Praha/Prague

I first discovered rowing when… my older brother brought me to his rowing club.  He seemed to be really enjoying it and he promised me I would have more time for school!  That was a big lie :D  At that time I had just finished synchronised swimming and had nothing to do so I tried it once and it still holds me.

Before rowing I…  did synchronized swimming for seven years.  I’ve been rowing for four years and am enjoying all the things about rowing.

Winning gold at the World Rowing Junior Championships was… absolutely unbelievable!  It was hard to believe it really happened.  Sometimes I still don't get it.

In the final the only thought I had in my mind was… to put all my strength in to the water.  When I felt the girls behind me, I knew we could make it to the medal.  The feeling when we were the first ones to cross the finish line was really fantastic.

Being part of the Czech junior crew is special because… we are a small country so we know each other really well.  It is nice to see that you have a team which shares the same passion as you.

The hardest part of training is… sometimes the high volume or the high intensity.  The winter is the hardest time mentally.  It’s also a challenge to combine sport and school.

What I enjoy most about training is…the result of my effort.  That the time spent has paid off.

My goal is… to try to enjoy every race and feel the moment.  This year I would like to try to go the Youth Olympic Games.

A rower I really look up to is… Ondřej Synek.  He is one of a kind. For 11 years he’s been known as one of the best rowers.

Outside of sport I admire… my favourite author Sarah J. Maas.  She is an incredible writer and person.  Then Stephen Hawking.  I look up to him as a scientist and person who never gave up.

When I’m not rowing… I'm mostly studying or reading books :D

For fun I… enjoy reading and writing

My favourite food is… barbecue ribs.  I love them and if I could I would eat them all day long.  But not before the race.  It's better to eat something sweet, which I love also.