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Florin-Sorin LEHACI

Romania ROU


  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    26 Mar 1999
  • Place of residence
    Plutonita , Romania

Recent results

2020 European Rowing Championships - Poznan, POL

Class Race Final Time
M8+ ROU FA Final 2 05:32.930
M8+ ROU X1 Preliminary 2 05:25.870

2019 World Rowing Under 23 Championships - Sarasota-Bradenton, USA

Class Race Final Time
BM2- ROU FA Final 1 06:29.240
BM2- ROU H1 Heat 1 06:30.480

Florin-Sorin Lehaci (ROU)

Rising Star – November 2019

Twenty-year-old Romanian Florin-Sorin Lehaci became a World Champion for the first time this year, winning gold in the men's pair with Dumitru-Alexandru Ciobica at the World Under-23 Rowing Championships in the United States. His growing success in the sport may help him fulfil his dream to see more of the world.

Becoming an under-23 World Champion... gave us a great, a strong sense of joy and fulfillment of our work. I'm proud of us and what we managed to do.

This year thing went well because... I worked where I knew I had to improve. At the same time, I was working so I could get a better time. I focused on improving my techniques.

I used to row the eight but... I prefer the pair. I don't have a very good reason - it's just what I feel. I think my path to becoming a better athlete is through this boat and that's why I think I prefer the pair.

My role in the boat is... the stroke. And also a friend to my partner.

Dumitru-Alexandru and I are... friends on the water and on the land. We help each other when we need to, we communicate and we joke. We have developed a good friendship.

We train on... Lake Snagov (near Bucharest, Romania) but also in Piediluco, Italy during the winter.

My favourite course is... the one in the final of under-23 World Championships [Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota-Bradenton] because we achieved our goal and we ran a race exactly as we intended.

The advice I get most from my coach is... be calm, work on your technique, be patient and pay attention to what you do in the boat.

When I am not rowing I like to... watch movies, read, spend time with my sister, my brother-in-law and not least with my girlfriend. I always find something to do and something to include them too.

I like to play video games, or hang out with my friends and my girlfriend in the city. Generally I spend my time with people around me!

In the off-season I am looking forward to... travelling. I really like to travel so I think I will go to some different countries and places. I have dreamt for a long time of visiting other cultures and seeing what makes them different and special. Maybe I will start with France if this season works out how I'd like it to.