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    9 Mar 1987

Recent results

2016 Olympic Games Regatta - Rio de Janeiro, BRA

Class Race Final Time
M4- USA FB Final 1 05:59.200
M4- USA SA/B 1 Semifinal 4 06:19.080
M4- USA H2 Heat 3 05:58.310

2016 World Rowing Cup II - Lucerne, SUI

Class Race Final Time
M4- USA FA Final 4 06:00.420
M4- USA H2 Heat 2 05:53.750

Quotes from Athletes

21 May 2014 Seth Weil
We expected to be competitive and race for the medals today. We are a pretty new crews so I didn’t assume anything before the race. We knew we had speed, but today we didn’t quite execute what we planned. It seemed like we didn’t have the next gear in the last quarter of the race. Still it was a great race and all this year was good for us. We are looking forward to racing Dutch and Australians in the coming years.