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Mateja JOSIC

Mateja JOSIC

Serbia SRB


  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    16 Aug 1998
  • Height
    170 cm
  • Weight
    54 kg
  • Place of residence
    Belgrade , Serbia
  • Hobbies
  • Started Rowing in

Recent results

2014 World Rowing Junior Championships - Hamburg, GER

Class Race Final Time
JM8+ SRB FB Final 1 06:25.110
JM8+ SRB R1 Repechage 3 05:54.810
JM8+ SRB H1 Heat 4 05:50.970

2013 World Rowing Junior Championships - Trakai, LTU

Class Race Final Time
JM8+ SRB FA Final 3 05:50.280
JM8+ SRB SA/B 2 Semifinal 1 05:47.420
JM8+ SRB H3 Heat 1 05:52.690

Quotes from Athletes

21 May 2014 Mateja Josic
This race was so close! I just counted the last strokes and tried to encourage them by telling which position they were at. We are pleased to win the Bronze medal, but of course we wanted Gold.

Mateja JOSIC Interview

Youth in Focus - June 2013 

The one person who is often over-looked in a crew is the cox. However, it's hard to overlook a cox like Mateja Josic. His talents in the cox's seat have resulted in him earning two World Championship titles at under-23 level (2011 and 2012) and bronze at the 2012 World Rowing Junior Championships. When joined with a strong crew of rowers, Mateja clearly has what it takes to guide his crew to the best possible result. For this reason, Mateja is World Rowing's Youth in Focus for June.

I love to row because… when I get on the water the feeling is magical and there is nothing in the world that can replace it.

My dream crew would be… an eight with Sir Matthew Pinsent (s), James Cracknell (7), Sir Steve Redgrave (6), Eric Murray (5), Hamish Bond (4), Matthew Langridge (3), Barney Williams (2), Ondrej Synek (1) and of course me as the cox.

If I could have one super power it would be… to be able to go back in time because then I could re-live some of the best moments in my life.

My biggest strength is…my mental strength, because I can always find solution for anything.

My favourite food is… I like to eat Italian food a lot (pasta, pizza, tiramisu…)

Before I race I always… say grace and wish my crew good luck.

First 20 strokes or final 250? I like final 250m because that is time when race really unfolds.