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Australia AUS


  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    7 Oct 1979
  • Place of residence
    Brisbane , Australia
  • Started Rowing in

Recent results

2019 World Rowing Championships - Linz Ottensheim, AUT

Class Race Final Time
PR1 M1x AUS H1 Heat 0 00:00.000

2019 World Rowing Cup II - Poznan, POL

Class Race Final Time
PR1 M1x AUS FA Final 2 10:39.070
PR1 M1x AUS SA/B 1 Semifinal 1 10:53.180
PR1 M1x AUS H3 Heat 1 09:19.920

Quotes from Athletes

21 May 2014 Erik Horrie
An amazing start by the Ukrainian, this boat class has really stepped up to another level. I am absolutely speechless about winning and setting the World Best Time .
21 May 2014 Erik Horrie
Rowing in the repechage didn't concern me. That's the joys of rowing. There is no easy option. I had a good row, I enjoyed it. I would have been out on the water today anyway. I will approach the final the same as today. I know where we're all at. I am confident, but I'll take nothing for granted. Everyone is in there fighting for a medal."
21 May 2014 Erik Horrie
Never mind the medal honour, putting on the gold and green hoody - I can't explain, unless you've represented your country, the honour. The messages from the young kids that I get saying 'You've inspired me, I can do whatever I want to now' - those are the things that really matter.