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Australia AUS


  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    26 Jul 1992
  • Height
    183 cm
  • Weight
    75 kg
  • Place of residence
    Hyde Park , Australia
  • Hobbies
    Going out for Breakfast
  • Started Rowing in
  • University
    Adelaide University
  • Other sports
    Hockey, Water polo, volleyball
  • Clubs
    Adelaide Rowing Club
  • University degree
    Double Degree of Law and Health Science

Recent results

2019 World Rowing Championships - Linz Ottensheim, AUT

Class Race Final Time
W4- AUS FA Final 1 06:43.450
W4- AUS SA/B 1 Semifinal 1 06:25.340
W4- AUS H1 Heat 1 06:38.440

2019 World Rowing Cup III - Rotterdam, NED

Class Race Final Time
W4- AUS FA Final 1 06:48.220
W4- AUS H2 Heat 1 06:54.080

Quotes from Athletes

21 May 2014 Olympia Aldersey
Our coach had to go home and so Drew Ginn has been looking after us. He has been great. He tells us things like ‘Don’t be distracted by the cow bells’. He was really good at giving the athlete’s perspective.
21 May 2014 Olympia Aldersey
The first part of our race we stuck to our guns and stayed confident. I looked around at the 750m mark and realised that we were in front so we just had to work hard and stay in the rhythm.

Olympia ALDERSEY Interview

Rising Star - July 2013

A fast five minutes with Olympia Aldersey of Australia.

When a high school friend suggested to Olympia Aldersey that she should give rowing a go, little did the friend know that the 15 year old was about to start a sport that would take her through to become an under-23 champion and beyond.

Right from the beginning Olympia’s family was supportive and having a father and grandfather who both rowed at school added to this. At 21 years of age Olympia already has a Junior World’s medal, a Youth Olympic Games medal and  World Rowing Cup medals as well as the under-23 World Champion title.

I row because… it challenges me every day. I love how it is individually focused but still your performance most of the time is dependent on how you work with others in a crew. It is the best of both worlds in that respect. 

I am most relaxed when… I'm on a beach soaking up the sun, drinking an iced tea listening to some music. 

My favourite training session is… one where you get off the water and you think to yourself, ‘right, there is the reason I do this,’ So you can have moments like this when you feel like you have just touched on something special and your goal of striving for perfection is that little bit closer. 

I am currently… having the time of my life, travelling seeing beautiful parts of the world doing what I love and studying to further my education while still always learning about life and its experiences. What more could I ask for?

I am motivated by… my passion and determination to reach my full potential and to see how far I can push myself. I'm lucky I have found my niche in life so I plan to make the most of that. 

My hardest race was....that's a hard one. I think it would have to be in 2011 when I came fourth at the under-23s in the women's pair. I remember thinking that coming fourth was worse than any physical pain a race could produce. It was devastating being so close but coming all that way and not getting anything or achieving what you could have. 

I get annoyed …when people say someone's name and then 'me' instead of ‘I’. That always eats at me inside. Also people leaving the toilet seat up and when milk is not cold enough. When it's room temperature it's just not the same. 

My favourite food…Well that's a hard one. I do enjoy food but my favourite all-time food would probably have to be yoghurt. Other than that I love anything with seafood.

Something few people know about me is… I have dislocated my knee twice dancing at parties and I have a habit of singing in the shower.

In ten years time ...well I hope to be still rowing. Other than that I would like to have finished university and have a job in a hospital helping people as a medical practitioner, ideally working in paediatrics. But life could take me in a completely different direction which is what makes it all the more fun.