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Christine ROPER

Christine ROPER

Canada CAN


  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    15 May 1990
  • Weight
    85 kg
  • Started Rowing in
  • Hobbies
    Love movies and reading, Scubadiving

Recent results

2017 World Rowing Championships - Sarasota-Bradenton, USA

Class Race Final Time
W8+ CAN FA Final 2 06:07.090
W4- CAN FB Final 3 06:40.200
W8+ CAN R1 Repechage 1 06:11.320
W4- CAN R1 Repechage 3 06:46.610
W8+ CAN H2 Heat 2 06:09.690
W4- CAN H2 Heat 3 06:42.750

2017 World Rowing Cup III - Lucerne, SUI

Class Race Final Time
W4- CAN FA Final 3 06:40.860
W4- CAN R1 Repechage 2 06:41.790
W4- CAN H1 Heat 2 06:36.990

Quotes from Athletes

21 May 2014 Christine Roper
Very proud of what we achieved and proud of each other.
21 May 2014 Christine Roper
We all knew we could do it. We were really fighting for it and we had to hold the pace. When I saw the finish Line I almost cried. Congratulations to the Australians though! These are my third World Rowing Under 23 Championships and my second Gold!