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Cristi-Ilie PIRGHIE

Cristi-Ilie PIRGHIE

Romania ROU


  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    20 Jul 1992
  • Height
    202 cm
  • Weight
    105 kg
  • Place of residence
  • Started Rowing in

Recent results

2019 World Rowing Championships - Linz Ottensheim, AUT

Class Race Final Time
M8+ ROU FB Final 1 05:38.910
M8+ ROU R1 Repechage 3 05:27.190
M8+ ROU H2 Heat 5 05:42.300

2019 World Rowing Cup III - Rotterdam, NED

Class Race Final Time
M8+ ROU FA Final 5 05:57.020
M8+ ROU R1 Repechage 2 05:43.790
M8+ ROU H2 Heat 3 05:54.180

Quotes from Athletes

21 May 2014 Cristi-Illie Pirghie
We are proud that the Romanians are doing so well this year here. This is the third medal for our country. We knew straight from the beginning that we would win.

Cristi Ilie PIRGHIE Interview

Rising Star - January 2014

Currently training in Snagov, Romania, Cristi-Ilie Pirghie was first inspired to start rowing by the desire to compete and to change something in his life. Pirghie debuted on the international scene in 2009 with an impressive second place finish in the junior men’s double sculls. Switching from sculling to sweep rowing, Pirghie came back in 2011 to finish fourth in the men’s pair at the World Rowing Under 23 Championships.

For the next two years he raced both the men’s four and the men’s eight at the European Rowing Championships. Pirghie recorded impressive finishing results including a silver medal in the men’s four. In 2013 Pirghie snatched another silver medal at the European Championships and became a World Rowing Under 23 Champion. With several medals around his neck, this talented young rower is World Rowing’s Rising Star as the 2014 year gets underway.


On the erg, I listen music.

I row because… it makes me feel relaxed. I like to compete and to win even if it is not possible all the time.

My toughest race…was the A-final at the 2013 European Rowing Championships.

I get annoyed when… things are not going my way.

My non-rowing friends think... that I am crazy because I put so much time into this sport.

My favourite food is… stuffed cabbage.

Who would you most like to row in a crew with?... My crew mates from 2012 and 2013,  Marius-Vasile Cozmiuc, George Palamariu and Florin Curuea.

In ten years time I will… win at least a medal at the World Rowing Championships and make real my dream to win a medal at the Olympic Games

I’m most relaxed when… I play FIFA 2014