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Lithuania LTU


  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    3 Dec 1994
  • Height
    193 cm
  • Weight
    89 kg
  • Place of residence
    Kaunas , Lithuania
  • Started Rowing in

Recent results

2019 World Rowing Championships - Linz Ottensheim, AUT

Class Race Final Time
W2x LTU FB Final 3 06:57.830
W2x LTU SA/B 1 Semifinal 5 07:03.370
W2x LTU R2 Repechage 1 06:56.410
W2x LTU H4 Heat 4 07:02.850

2019 World Rowing Cup II - Poznan, POL

Class Race Final Time
W2x LTU FC Final 2 07:31.280
W2x LTU R3 Repechage 3 07:17.640
W2x LTU H1 Heat 3 07:06.320

Ieva Admaviciute (LTU)

Rising Star – February 2017

Lithuanian rower Ieva Adomaviciute has been at the top of her game for the past two years as Under 23 World Champion in the single sculls. She tells us she’s looking forward to competing at the senior level – and that she spends less time in the single than you might think.

I discovered rowing when…
my first coach came to my high school where he was looking for tall and young students to join his rowing club.  Since I was the tallest in the class he noticed me and asked if I would like to row. I immediately said yes. 

I never considered doing any other sports at the top level… Rowing was the first sport that I did.  However, I was planning on joining my high school volleyball club before I was recruited to row.

From the first practice I fell in love with this sport… It became so addictive to see my results improving. I really enjoy training and competing. Also, the feeling that I get when the boat is crossing the water is just awesome. Rowing is such a wonderful sport because we can spend so much time outside and I love being outside.

I train at... Washington State University (USA), where I am a senior, so I am training there until I will graduate and then I will head back to Lithuania.

I don’t always row in a single… Actually, most of the time I row in the eight or coxed four. I row in a single only when I go back in Lithuania. The last time I rowed in a single was the under-23 World Championship final in Rotterdam.

My best 2km erg score is… 6:28.7. I don’t really have any particular goals for the erg - all I care about is to be as fast as I possibly can be in the boat on the water.

I am very excited about moving from Under-23 to the top level of rowing… I want to see how I look amongst the best rowers in the world!

My next goal is… to compete at the 2017 World Rowing Championships.

There are so many rowers I admire… however, the top ones would be Kim Brennan, Jeremie Azou and, of course, Lithuanian Saulius Ritter. I always look up to these people.

The best food to eat before a race is… Oatmeal and banana.

When it’s not rowing season… I love to travel.  But because I am a student-athlete, I have to go to university everyday so I either practice or do school related work. On weekends I like to catch up on sleep, so I take long naps.

To relax I like to… listen music, watch movies or read, it helps me to relax. Recently I started to practice meditation, just ten minutes per day. I am not very consistent with it but I am trying to get better.  I listen to a lot of different music - it really depends on my mood. I like to listen a lot of remixes.