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George NASH

Great Britain GBR


  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    2 Oct 1989
  • Place of residence
    Guilford , Great Britain

Recent results

2016 Olympic Games Regatta - Rio de Janeiro, BRA

Class Race Final Time
M4- GBR FA Final 1 05:58.610
M4- GBR SA/B 2 Semifinal 1 06:17.130
M4- GBR H3 Heat 1 05:55.590

2016 World Rowing Cup III - Poznan, POL

Class Race Final Time
M4- GBR FA Final 1 05:42.790
M4- GBR H1 Heat 1 05:52.360

Quotes from Athletes

21 May 2014 George Nash
We had belief in ourselves. We love rowing. It's a pleasure.
21 May 2014 George NASH
We knew it was going to be a long race, so we went out loose and kept strong through the middle.

George NASH Interview

Rising Star - October 2012

George Nash is one half of Great Britain’s young and talented men’s pair as well as President of Cambridge University Boat Club. Nash and partner William Satch first started rowing in the pair at the beginning of 2012, and some solid international results culminated in an Olympic bronze medal this August at the 2012 Olympic Games. Nash is also 2011 World Rowing Under 23 Champion in the men’s pair and 2007 World Rowing Junior Champion in the men’s four. At just 23 years old, Nash is a talent to watch out for. World Rowing spoke to him about training, his likes and dislikes and his dreams for the future.

My sporting hero is… Didier Cuche, the downhill skier. His attitude to training and competition is inspiring. I’m a big fan.

I row because… I really enjoy trying to coax the best out of myself, my teammates and my boat. Rowing is a sport with so many aspects to it and I like the challenge each one brings.

My goal in rowing is...To beat the kiwi pair’s world best time.

On the erg, I listen to…Norah Jones, The Noisettes, Ben Howard, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, sometimes Coldplay, that sort of stuff. I like to keep it as relaxed as I can. I found that listening to whole albums at a time while erging was a great way to interact with music.

I’m most relaxed when… I’m driving. I love a good drive.

My least favourite training session is… 18k with 4 times 2k at rate 21-23. Those sessions make you strong but I can’t say I like them.

My favourite training session is… 6 times 250m sprints side by side in pairs. It’s an awesome session because it’s fun, fast and furious.

I study…  Mechanical Engineering at Cambridge University.

In 10 years time I will… Have a comfortable belly and a wry smile.

My toughest race… The 2009 Visitor’s Cup at Henley. I was recovering from glandular fever and lost in the first round at Henley to an Oxford four. Still livid about that one!

I’m motivated by…. An insecurity deep within that won’t go away.

A typical day… Get up at 6am. Erg for a couple of hours or do weights. Go to lectures from 9am until 1pm. Row for a couple of hours. Sleep it off.

I get annoyed when… I get told to do something that I don’t plan for or expect. Or when someone mocks me for being ginger.

My favourite food is…. Roast Lamb

My favourite film is… Forrest Gump

My favourite book is. ‘Born to Run’ by Christopher McDougall

I’m afraid of… Snakes

Who would you most like to row in a crew with? Will Satch, best rower out there.