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Estonia EST


  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    26 Jan 1990
  • Place of residence
    Tartu , Estonia
  • Clubs
    Viljandi SK
  • Started Rowing in

Recent results

2020 European Rowing Championships - Poznan, POL

Class Race Final Time
M2x EST FC Final 2 06:26.110
M2x EST R1 Repechage 5 06:26.700
M2x EST H1 Heat 6 07:01.810

2019 World Rowing Championships - Linz Ottensheim, AUT

Class Race Final Time
M4x EST FB Final 6 06:09.630
M4x EST SA/B 1 Semifinal 6 05:43.680
M4x EST R1 Repechage 2 05:48.930
M4x EST H3 Heat 4 06:07.170

Quotes from Athletes

21 May 2014 Kaur Kuslap
Thanks to the tail wind the strokes were lighter. It was important to be more technical. We did that very well which we are pleased with as the crew has only been together with for ten days

Kaur KUSLAP Interview

 Rising Star - October 2013

A fast five minutes with Kaur Kuslap of Estonia

Kaur Kuslap followed his older brother into rowing. "He seemed very confident that this was the place to be and one dark autumn evening in 2002 and I went with it," says Kuslap. Since that autumn evening Kuslap, 23, developed quickly despite not always feeling like rowing. "I continued because my brother and my first coach would interrupt my peaceful sleep each time I decided not to go training on a particular morning."

Results started to come Kuslap's way but he also endured some disappointing seasons. But, as Kuslap says, "My simple and naive thinking was that if I put just one more year worth of work into rowing, I would be ready to win medals and wouldn't have to throw it all away."

"The past season was the first one to unfold better than expected," says Kuslap who rowed as part of Estonia's top boat, the men's quadruple sculls that finished fifth at the World Rowing Championships. "And," says Kuslap, "like after every season I see clear ways to improve."

I'm motivated by ... believing that doing the right work will pay off.

I'm most relaxed ... when I know what I'm doing.

My least favourite training session ...
is also my favourite one. Rowing long intervals close to maximum effort on the erg. I feel it's one of the hardest but also among the most rewarding ones and that's why I have ambivalent feelings towards it.

I study ... electrical engineering in Tallinn University of Technology.

In ten years time ... I hope to have had my success in rowing, graduated from university and live a different life.

A typical day ... mostly follows the common eat-sleep-row pattern.

The race I'm most proud of ... is the semifinal of the 2013 European Rowing Championships even though at the line we missed out on the final by a half a second. We were clearly weaker judging by the heats but we agreed to give it all we had and then something amazing happened. It was a great team effort and we were very high-spirited all the way. The team spirit in that race will be the one I will be seeking again.

I get annoyed ... when I'm in a bad mood. Everything can be annoying then.

My sporting hero ... is the old man who jogs by the cold and misty lake when other people are still sleeping.

Outside of rowing ... I like to find out about new music, read, study and think about things.