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Estonia EST

Athlete, Coach, TeamManager

  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    19 Feb 1989
  • Place of residence
    Paernu , Estonia
  • Clubs
    Paernu SK

Recent results

2014 World Rowing Championships - Amsterdam, NED

Class Race Final Time
W2x EST FD Final 3 07:16.540
W2x EST SC/D 2 Semifinal 5 07:23.800
W2x EST R3 Repechage 4 07:48.850
W2x EST H2 Heat 5 07:41.270

2014 World Rowing Cup III - Lucerne, SUI

Class Race Final Time
W2x EST FC Final 2 07:28.580
W2x EST R2 Repechage 5 07:36.660
W2x EST H2 Heat 5 07:36.590

Quotes from Athletes

21 May 2014 Kaisa Pajusalu
I didn’t qualify for London so this medal is a nice end to the season.

Kaisa PAJUSALU Interview

Rising Star - May 2012  

A fast five minutes with Kaisa Pajusalu...

Twenty three-year-old Estonian rower Kaisa Pajusalu is one of the fastest women in the world on the indoor rowing machine. She first represented Estonia on the world stage at the 2004 Junior World Rowing Championships. In the eight years since her debut she has become a Junior World Champion and a two-time Under-23 World silver medallist. She now has her sights set on racing at the 2012 Olympic Games as she looks to qualify the women’s single scull at the Final Olympic Qualification Regatta this month.

I row because… It seems to me that I am at the right place and it’s the biggest challenge for me right now.

My sporting hero is… My older brother, Raimo. He is a professional volleyball player. He has taught me a lot!

My least favourite training session is… Erg!

My favourite training session is…  Long distance running, rowing and cross country skiing.

My toughest race… All races are pretty tough but thankfully I forget that when I cross the finish line.

I’m motivated by... My dreams.

I get annoyed when… People complain too much!

I study…  Agricultural Production and Marketing in the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

My favourite food is... Hmm…I don’t have a favourite food but after long camps I love to eat Estonian food like meat sauce, baked potatoes, blood sausage, sauerkraut, black bread etc.

My favourite book is... I have so many of them, but if I had to choose one then it would be The Six Bullerby Children by Astrid Lindgren.  

My favourite movie star is… Maybe Tom Hanks; I liked his role as Forrest Gump.

My favourite website is… It would have to be Facebook.

I’m afraid of… Being late and losing things. And what do I do best? Be late because I have lost something!

My goal in rowing is… To achieve the most I am capable of.

At the London Olympics I am definitely going to be watching… Rowing and athletics!