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United States of America USA


  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    1 Mar 1986
  • Place of residence
    Philadelphia , United States
  • Clubs
    Crescent BC
  • Started Rowing in

Recent results

2018 World Rowing Championships - Plovdiv, BUL

Class Race Final Time
M8+ USA FA Final 4 05:26.310
M8+ USA H1 Heat 1 05:19.200

2016 Olympic Games Regatta - Rio de Janeiro, BRA

Class Race Final Time
M8+ USA FA Final 4 05:34.230
M8+ USA R1 Repechage 1 05:51.130
M8+ USA H2 Heat 2 05:40.160

Quotes from Athletes

21 May 2014 Glenn Ochal
It was solid. We were ahead by halfway, where we wanted to be, because, in the first half, people were doing all sorts of crazy stuff. We just stuck to our rhythm, and this carried us through the middle.

Photos & Videos

2018 Season Review
2018 World Championships - Overall Clip
Coastal Rowing
Overall Clip of 2018 WRC III Lucerne, Switzerland