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Great Britain GBR


  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    2 May 1986
  • Height
    185 cm
  • Weight
    75 kg
  • Place of residence
    Tewkesbury , Great Britain
  • Started Rowing in
  • Clubs
    King's School, Worcester; Marlow RC; Upton RC

Recent results

2012 Olympic Games - London, GBR

Class Race Final Time
LM2x GBR FA Final 2 06:37.780
LM2x GBR SA/B 2 Semifinal 1 06:36.620
LM2x GBR H2 Heat 1 06:36.290

2012 World Rowing Cup III - Munich, GER

Class Race Final Time
LM2x GBR FA Final 6 06:49.160
LM2x GBR SA/B 2 Semifinal 1 06:33.390
LM2x GBR H1 Heat 2 06:42.080

Quotes from Athletes

21 May 2014 Zac Purchase
We have had a pretty dodgy season so far, but we are out here to do well.
21 May 2014 Zac Purchase
I'm completely gutted. We'll spend days, weeks, months, the rest of our lives, trying to work out if we could have done more.
21 May 2014 Zac PURCHASE
We have sent a message of intent to ourselves. We're aware that we have had a terrible season but now we're a crew to be reckoned with. Everyone knows we are capable of rising to the occasion and there is no bigger occasion than the Olympics. We want to go out and produce results we're proud of, to convince not only us but everyone else that they were wrong.
21 May 2014 Zac Purchase
I wouldn't say that we have any preferred way of racing except winning.

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