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Canada CAN

Athlete, Coach

  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    20 Sep 1959
  • Height
    160 cm
  • Weight
    49 kg
  • Place of residence
    London , Canada
  • Clubs
    London RC / CAN
  • Started Rowing in

Recent results

2019 World Rowing Championships - Linz Ottensheim, AUT

Class Race Final Time
M8+ CAN FB Final 2 05:42.090
M8+ CAN R1 Repechage 4 05:30.600
M8+ CAN H1 Heat 3 05:35.460

2019 World Rowing Cup II - Poznan, POL

Class Race Final Time
M8+ CAN FA Final 3 05:48.440
M8+ CAN R1 Repechage 1 05:52.880
M8+ CAN H1 Heat 3 05:40.590

Quotes from Athletes

21 May 2014 Lesley Thompson-Willie
It's a special crew, they worked so hard and that was a great race. The USA had to work really hard to beat us. We went to win and didn't do it, but we're enjoying the silver.
21 May 2014 Lesley THOMPSON-WILLIE
We had a good start and a good strong race. You never know what it will be like. Our objective was to win, to get to the final and have a good race. It felt good, felt solid, there is more in us. You can only measure against your competition at the time. You would think based on history that the Americans would be in the final, but we hope to be right there with them. We are not thinking about the USA, we just want to have our best race.
21 May 2014 Lesley Thompson-Willie
Most countries go through cycles. You need a powerful machine to keep crews in the medals. Canada has a systematic approach now and we're getting to see the results. It's part of my life. I still feel like I'm improving.